Weather Report Legacy

A Tribute to a Legendary Jazz Fusion Band

Weather Report Media

Joe Zawinul's Madcap Keyboard Solo

Joe Zawinul plays a madcap keyboard solo on this Weather Update Tour in 1986.

It’s an intro to Consequently (Victor Bailey)

Peter Erskine, Drums
Victor Bailey, Bass
Steve Kahn, Guitar
Bobby Thomas Jr, Hand Drums
Joe Zawinul, Keyboards

The Entertainment

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Weather Report Music

How would you like to play Joe’s ‘A Remark You Made’ on piano?
Joe’s great tune Weather Report’s ‘Heavy Weather’ album. There are lots of versions – even vocal versions (Kurt Elling’s ‘Time To say GoodBye’ and Al Jarreau’s “Something That You Said’) and many piano trio versions.
Here’s a simple performance with the sheet music. Take a listen or go ahead and learn how to play it yourself.

Doug McKenzie played it here on solo piano and played it freely. Doug noted, “Because the melody is so beautiful, I have not done much other than add some minor embellishments. I have also modified the song a little by leaving out one of the sections in the middle.
It was improvised from a lead sheet (it is in several of the ‘Real Books’). For those who are good readers, it might be suitable as a piano solo – I have often been asked for solo piano material.”

Joe Zawinul & Trilok Gurtu Duo Amazes Everyone!

Joe Zawinul & Trilok Gurtu duo amazes everyone! The 25th Frankfurt Jazz Festival in 1994 hosted this superhero duo. A fan said: “THIS IS……THIS IS….NO WORDS. There are just a few things on the world that you can compare to this. Eternal ZAWINUL & Great Maestro GURTU.”

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